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27 May 18, 11:40 AM
Singapore, SG (GMT+8)

Moo Moo's Story III Banner

A big HELLO lovelies!

I’ve been away for the longest time for 2 main reasons:
1. I had to relocate my blog to a new space (ta-daa!) where a direct import from the previous wasn’t possible and the ecosystem is foreign to me. There’s still a chunk-load to move and the paint is still wet. Please bear with ongoing construction.
2. My index finger was recovering from a gash on my cuticle incurred before the Christmas holidays.

I’m publishing this post ahead of this blog’s reveal to share a new collection sent by Moo Moo’s Signatures for review; Moo’s Moo’s Story Part III: Moorassic Theme. With this being my maiden post on the brand, here’s a brief introduction.

The Brand
Moo’s Moo’s Signature is the brainchild of Mei Mei, owner of Mei Mei’s Signatures (a Singapore-based online stockist). Since November 2014, she has been patiently and artfully hand-mixing nail polishes and adorable needle-felted creations. Over 40 shades have been concocted, with more to come.

The Collection
If you’ve been following Moo Moo’s Signatures, you may have come across a couple of story lines and the creations inspired by them. This is the third installment, one inspired by a dinosaur theme. Get the full illustrated story here (entry to Moo Moo Universe Facebook group required).
This 5-piece collection, consisting of 3 crelly shimmers and 2 holos with colour-shifting flakies, revolves around the encounters of a needle-felted T-Rex.

First Impressions
Moo Moo's Story Part III Moorassic Theme
Every bottle of polish comes wrapped in a sequin studded organza pouch. Along in it is a needle-felted ball in matching colour with the polish, giving the brand a distinctive touch. The rectangular 12ml bottle comes with the brand’s label on one side and the shade’s name on the bottom. The formula is big 3-free.

The Brush:
Moo Moo's Signatures Brush Comparison

The brush is flat and wide, very much like OPI’s. Perhaps even slightly wider. Length-wise, it’s shorter than OPI’s but it’s a good length. The brush maneuvered over my nails with ease.

On to the polishes, in order of (the story’s appearance):

Bottle Shot Moo Moo's Signatures RAWR!Described as a “turquoise holo with purple-blue-red-orange color-shifting flakies”, it meanders between edgy and feminine at a tilt of the fingers.
Moo Moo's Signatures RAWR!

Captured here is RAWR! in 2 coats with 1 coat of Essence Gel-Look Topcoat. The formula (as with the rest) applies smoothly, and almost self-leveling if one works swiftly.

Moo Moo's Signatures RAWR!

On the nails, the purple shift is more obvious than the holo effect and I’m not complaining.
A closer look at RAWR!:

Moo Moo's Signatures Rawr Macro

The red-orange flakies are more evident in the macro. I love the soft airy veil of light purple shimmer over the deep shade. I suspect it personifies the T-Rex; strong and fierce with a soft heart. 

Dino Poo
Bottle Shot Moo Moo's Dino PooThis dark beauty is a “black base with gold holo dust, sterling silver shimmer and color-shifting tiny flakies.” I was most excited to swatch this shade simply because I’m biased towards dark, moody, vampy shades.

Moo Moo's Signatures Dino Poo

Shown above is 3 coats of Dino Poo with topcoat. Sheer-ness wasn’t a problem, but I like the depth and intensity the third coat gave. The polish glided on smoothly, but did not dry as smooth as the rest just by a tad bit. I suspect it’s because of the all good stuff that went into the polish. It doesn’t bother me or the application and after slapping on topcoat, all is forgotten.

Swatch of Moo Moo's Signatures Dino Poo

The purple flash, though not as light and airy-looking as RAWR’s, is a pretty sight.
A close-up:

Moo Moo's Signatures Dino Poo Macro

Don’t we glitter and holo obsessed people wish ‘excretions’ looked this good?

Rosy Aroma

Bottle Shot of Moo Moo's Signatures Rosy Aroma

This polish is inspired by the dried rose buds given to the T-Rex, sans the aromatic scent. It’s a “violet crelly with turquoise shimmer.”

Swatch of Moo Moo's Signatures Rosy Aroma

Rosy Aroma is captured above in 3 coats with topcoat. It dried to a satin finish without topcoat, which also looked pretty good. The shimmer shows through substantially that I didn’t need to resort to extreme angles to ‘force’ it out.Moo Moo's Signatures Rosy Aroma

Rosy Aroma possesses an even more ethereal quality than RAWR! I resorted to a third coat because I messed up and did too many swipes on the second coat.

A closer view of Rosy Aroma:Moo Moo's Signatures Rosy Aroma Macro

Did I mention the polish does not come with a rosy aroma?

Exotic Foliage
Bottle Shot of Moo Moo's Signatures Exotic Foliage
Exotic Foliage is an “olive crelly with violet shimmer”. Mein favourite! The juxtaposition of pretty, vibrant violet shimmer with dusty, mossy green has me weak in the knees.

Moo Moo's Signatures Exotic Foliage

I used 2 dreamy coats, finished with topcoat. Exotic Foliage displays the strongest shimmer of the 3. I didn’t need another shot to present the colour contrast at play.

Its goodness at close range:

Moo Moo's Signatures Exotic Foliage Macro

The formula glides on with ease and is almost self-leveling if one works swiftly. It’s love at first sight, swipe and swatch.

Viva Forever
Bottle Shot Moo Moo's Signatures Viva ForeverThe moment I saw this polish’s name, Spice Girl’s Viva Forever (the song) was looped in my head (it still is as I draft this post).
This “bright blue crelly with pink shimmer” unexpectedly stole my attention, and heart. While I do like and would buy cobalt/ indigo/ ultramarine blue polishes, or polishes with blue-purple identity crisis, I wouldn’t always salivate over them. But this one…the shimmer…the intensity yet brightness of the shade on the nails…stunning!

Moo Moo's Signatures Viva Forever

Shown here is 3 coats of Viva Forever, finished with topcoat. It was a struggle to capture the shade accurately on camera. The blue is intense yet bright, and really pops against my skin tone. The pink shimmer makes it more purple in the bottle than on the nails so i actually prefer the polish on the nails.Moo Moo's Signatures Viva Forever

Because I scrutinise my nails (and sometimes, the camera’s macro mode does that for me), I added a third coat to even out the subtle brush strokes. Overall, the application is smooth and glossy. It is also the squishiest -looking between the 3 crelly shimmers.

Moo Moo's Signatures Viva Forever Macro

The shimmer is simply divine.

I did not apply any basecoat under any of these swatches, so I was half expecting some staining on the nails with Viva Forever, but there was none. I can’t verify this for a longer duration of wear though.

Final Thoughts
Seeing those strong shimmers brought back fond memories of the good old days (a mere 4 – 5 years ago) of my early obsession love for nail polishes. It is a welcomed recess from all the holos, glitters and duo/ multi chromes. On the overall presentation, Mei Mei has kept it simple yet unique and engaging through the needle-felted animals. The icing on the cake? It’s made in Singapore (yay for local!).

Moo Moo’s Story Part III – Moorassic collection is currently (at the time of publish) available through the Etsy store at a special pre-order price of SGD 16.00 (usual: SGD 18.00). *UPDATE 9 April ’16: The pre-order has ended but they are available for regular purchase. 

Follow Moo Moo’s Signatures via the various channels below for updates, swatches and needle-felting adventures:
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Please excuse me now while I crawl back into the messy cave with tangled cables that is the back end of this platform to try and tighten more nuts and screws and splatter more polish.
Until the next post, may polish be ever on your nails.Post Signature


Disclaimer: Products were sent for review. However, all opinions expressed are my own, and will always be.

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