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17 Mar 18, 8:24 PM
Singapore, SG (GMT+8)

Saturday, 3rd September 2011 was marked in my calendar for a number of reasons:

1) H&M’s first store opening in Singapore at Orchard Building
2) Smoochiezz‘s flea event at Cineleisure Orchard
3) A friend’s birthday

I psyched myself to wake up very early that morning to join the ridiculous queue that spawns before H&M’s store events, as seen in other worldwide stores. But it was not meant to be. I am not an early riser (or an early bird for that matter). I made my way down to Orchard anyway. As I exited 313 Somerset’s entrance, I saw the start of the queue to H&M. It’s awfully CRA-ZY!! There was no way I was going to spend half of my precious Saturday standing in line.
Oddly, I wanted to visit H&M to check if they carry cosmetics and polishes, like they do in Hong Kong, USA, etc. So I made my way to Smoochiezz’s flea at Cineleisure instead.

H&M Orchard Building, Singapore

En route, I read a tweet from them that they had removed nail polishes from the flea due to the mall tenants’ complaints about their low prices, and the mall’s managements’ order to remove them. WHAT THE HELL!! I had intended to get an OPI set as a birthday gift that day. Double whammy!

Smoochiezz Flea Fail

I checked out the flea anyway, then walked around Cineleisure to find stores that retailed OPI or China Glaze cos I desperately needed to get a gift. None of the stores sold any, except for one of those ‘rent-a-cubicle’ concept stores where there were 2-3 cubicles of OPIs. But those were going for SGD 15.00 or SGD 16.00 each; way to pricey, in my opinion. But the worse part: they were still closed (at 12:30pm on a Saturday – how unproductive)! Frustrated and disappointed, I made my way to the exit.

Right by the exit, there was a booth selling Michelle nail polishes (by beadstreet, Singapore). I think they are pretty new. The array of colours was wide, packaged in a MAC-looking bottle, with silver cap. But there was no ingredient or manufacturing label, so I would not consider getting them. They are very affordable though, at SGD 2.50 each or 2 for SGD 4.00. They also had some fimo and nail art deco stuff that were very inexpensive, but nah… my enthusiasm for nail stuff had waned by the setbacks.

To the left of Cineleisure is *SCAPE, and I spotted a flea going on. The first table I approached had a very, very small collection of OPI, but not the colours I wanted. But I managed to get Victoria’s Secret Love Spell, yum.

Further down was bigger vendor carrying OPI, along with China Glaze Crackle and other nail stuff. They were from D.Y.O.N International. The range was not wide, but all the OPIs were going for SGD 10.00 each, including Shatters and Designer Series!! Great deal! They also had nail treatments from Seche, OPI Nail Envy, Art Club nail art striper polishes at SGD 6.00 each and nail supplies.

Upon further research, I found that they are a regular at that flea location: Fridays to Sundays, 1 to 9pm.

East-residing shoppers can also haul at their office in Ubi. Details on their Facebook page.

I bought OPI’s Burlesque mini set as a gift, and OPI Lacquer Thinner for myself at SGD 10.00 (the cheapest I’ve found so far). So my day had a happy ending after all.

Image from

It looks very incompetent of Cineleisure’s management to order the removal of nail polishes from Smoochiezz’s flea. They lose sales, the mall loses crowd, and above all, there are still flea vendors selling branded nail polishes right outside Cineleisure, lower-priced than its tenants.

I realise there are an increasing number of retailers and vendors stocking high quality nail polishes and supplies in Singapore, and online is no longer the only avenue to grab them at afforadable prices. Why get an OPI at SGD 23.55 at department stores when they are available for as low as SGD 9.00 (authentic ones)?


There are also one-store beauty retailers stocking OPIs at suburban malls, though higher than SGD 9.00. Just need to research before purchasing and shop smart. AND follow this blog/ my tweets! If you spot any retailers with low-priced quality/ salon nail polishes, do feel free to share.

Will share more finds along the way. Till then, toodles!Post Signature

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