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27 Apr 18, 1:06 AM
Singapore, SG (GMT+8)
I went through what it seems like a weekly routine last weekend – giving my nails a fresh coat of polish, and some nail art (I happened to be in the mood). I decided to try a recent nail polish remover I purchase during the last Watsons closed-door members sale; Sally Hansen’s Moisturizing Polish Remover with Vitamin E & Aloe. It was a dollar off, at SGD 5.00, so I thought it’s worth giving a try. I’ve been using ZA’s Nail Colour Remover for the longest time. “But I don’t see any ZA nail polish or removers” you say? That’s how freaking eons ago it has been!! The last time I bought my second bottle was in 2009.

Here’s proof it exist(ed):

ZA Nail Color Remover

Please excuse the cue-tip in the bottle. I dropped it in accidentally few weeks ago.

Okay, I’m going to digress a little here. I haven’t seen any ZA removers anywhere lately. I know ZA still makes nail polishes and the works, but Singapore doesn’t seem to bring them in anymore.

Anyway, “The cute scent of oranges”? Nah-ah! You’ll get a whiff of a pungent remover smell first before the slight hint of orange comes. It felt pretty harsh on the nails and skin, removal speed was alright.

So when I finally got to try Sally Hansen’s, I could immediately tell the difference. The scent was subtler, and had a pleasant aloe scent too. The removal speed was faster, and it had less of the drying effect. In all, I only used 2 cotton pads to remove the 5 layers of polishes (base + 2 coats of colour + 1 coat of clear glitter + topcoat) from all ten nails! To me, that’s amazing!! The best part was, it did not strip the shine from my previously buffed nails.

Sally Hansen Moisturizing Remover

I was careful about getting another polish remover, as I did not want to damage my already dry, brittle, peeling and ripped nails any further. I had acrylic gel extensions (think that’s what they are) in June, and taking them off was a PAIN!

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